About Us

about us


One World Network (OWN) is a non-exclusive global professional freight forwarders network consisting of 2-4 members per city/country (or 4 members for bigger cities). OWN is committed to strengthen your relationship with OWN membership and to have a common platform for networking as well as ensuring competitive rates given to members.



The objective for all members is to strengthening the international freight forwarder network; promote collaboration between members by working together and developing reciprocal business in a secure business environment.



CEO Message

One World Network is one of the most innovative and dedicated network of independent small, medium size freight companies.

Established in July, 2015 by our Chairman Mr Colin Kang, OWN memberships has grown rapidly and enabling the members to reach out to new businesses from newfound partners across the globe.

Having founded the Asian Logistics Umbrella Exclusive Freight Network in 2005 and is still the Honorary Chairman of the Group, Colin is also the Chief Marketing Officer of Eagles Group of Companies.

OWN is not just another network.

Dedicated to devote passion and creating innovation to provide members with superior membership benefits is the formula of its success.

OWN is neutrally managed and regulated with effective policies to improve the performance and reciprocate business among the members.

With OWN membership-inclusive credit protection plan coupled with OWN Global rate center, members is able to receive updated rates real time and work without worries on payment.

With so many mergers and acquisitions by the mega-forwarders, small-medium size forwarders need to unite and expand their international contacts in order to stay competitive and survive.

Networking is the key to your company success.

Bringing in a quote from the Chairman;

OWNLY you, can make the difference!