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The objective for all members is to work together, growing together and develops reciprocal business within the group. We aim to maintain our growth and strengthen our OWN family by recruiting more top quality companies, which are already strong within their own local market or specialization.

Meeting Global Network of screened members

That are committed to grow business with each other at one single venue every year.

Non-Exclusivity for members

  • Allow you to choose the most suitable agent in each country to handle different type of freight business verticals.
  • In many exclusive networks, many agents feel the need for more option as the rates offered by that exclusive partner may not necessary win them any business and are forced to work outside the network.


  • All paid members of OWN are covered by our OWN Credit Protection Plan included in annual fee. OWN feels that Credit Protection Plan should be made available equally for all members of the network.
  • OWN Credit Protection Plan allows members to comfortably work with each other even if they have not worked with each other before.
  • The protection plan covers up to 20,000 USD per intra-network transaction in this group and will be more once the membership expands.
  • OWN will pay up to maximum of 50% of each claim. All unpaid invoices for more than 60 days must be reported in order to us to file a notice so that we can address the issue.

O2O Scheduler Program

  • Meeting Global Network of screened members that are committed to grow business with members at one single venue every year is one of the most important benefits of network membership and OWN members will take full advantage of the opportunity to connect with your fellow members, developing existing relationships and expand into new market and form new partnerships.

FREE Unlimited PR & Advertising

  • We can get you and your business noticed by other members, establishing more connections and by marketing and advertising your services through our own internal and external social groups and audiences up to 2K ++ per posting

Professional Customer Service Team

  • We have a dedicated customer service team to coordinate with you immediately if you need any assistance.